Perah Campsite is one of the popular areas in FRIM to perform group activities; especially nature related environmental activities. Established in an area of 300 m²; this site can accommodate 120-150 people at a time.

This campsite was built in a secluded area, complete with the necessary facilities for outdoor recreation activities such as a kitchen, hall, “A-Hut” chalets, restrooms, benches and obstacle run. FRIM also offers various equipment for rent such as tents, sleeping bags, binoculars, and compass at the campsite.

Surrounded by green trees and the sounds of forest, the Perah Campsite makes a suitable place for those who want a real jungle experience. The campsite, which started operations in May 2001, still attracts many local and international visitors to FRIM throughout the year.


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All visitors must abide by the rules and regulations stated in the FRIM Visitors’ Guide.

The Visitor Information Centre is in charge of rental services in FRIM. For further information, please contact:

Visitor Information Centre (VIC)
Tel : 03-6279 7592 / 03-6279 7649
E-mail : frim_enquiry[at]