This trail starts from the giant bamboo clumps near the fish pond. The journey takes about 30 minutes and the trail ends behind the FRIM’s library. Keruing trail is the oldest trail in FRIM which is opened to the public. The trail got its name from the Dipterocarp species (Dipterocarpus sp.) or timber species which are abundant along this trail. This trail winds its way through one of FRIM’s oldest plantations and boasts of statuesque commercial timber trees. Other commercial timber trees that were planted here are Dryobalanops aromatica, Dyera costulata, Intsia palembanica, Neobalanocarpus heimii and Shorea leprosula.

This trail is named after FRIM’s first Director General, Tan Sri Dr. Salleh Mohd Nor, who retired in October 1995. Tan Sri Salleh played a leading role in the conversion of FRIM to a statutory body in 1985, effected through an Act of Parliament. His numerous accomplishments are related to sustainable resource management and love of nature, the forest and a sustainable environment. The history of FRIM plantation forests is highlighted through this trail. It is 710 meters and slightly undulating, which winds along a patch of natural forest and into a forest plantation established as early as 1928. It takes about an hour to walk through this trail. Trees such as Dryobalanops aromatica, Dryobalanops oblongifolia, Aquilaria malaccensis,, Intsia palembanica, Shorea macrophyla and Calamus filipendulus are some of the plants that can encountered along the way.

This trail is named after the abundance of Shorea macrophylla which were planted at the area in 1935 and 1937. The distance of the trail is 554 meters long and it takes about 45 minutes walk. This trail is also connected to an adjacent area called Dipterocarp Arboretum. Forest tree species that can be encountered along the trail are Eusideroxylon oblongifolia, Calamus sciponum and Dryobalanops oblongifolia. This trail takes you through a former wetland which back in 1930’s, was partially covered by grassland and by secondary forest. The theme for the trail is biodegradation that takes place in the forest. Termites at work and rotten trees are shown as evidence of useful processes in a natural forest.

This trail is named after Sebasah trees (Aporosa arborea) which are found in quite abundance in this area. This trail was developed in 2008 and highlights the special wetland ecosystem and the adaptation of species to the wet condition which uniquely offers visitors a new trekking experience. This unique trail is 610 meters long and takes about 40 minutes walk. The trail also represents some of the most diverse ecosystems and famous for its migratory birds sightings.

Located in the Kepong Botanic Gardens, Razak Walk is launched on 14 January 2008. It highlights the theme “Rich diversity of Malaysian under-storey plants”. This 400 m trail is named after the former Director General of FRIM, Datuk Dr. Hj. Abdul Razak Mohd Ali. It is the first disabled-friendly trail in Malaysia.

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