Ismail Parlan

Dr Ismail Parlan
Tel: 03-6279 7180
E-mail: ismailp[at]

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About Forest & Environment Division

Nor Shahidah Husin
Tel: 03-6279 7162
E-mail: norshahidah[at]

Dr Wan Mohd Shukri Wan Ahmad
Head of Natural Forest Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7174
E-mail: shukri[at]

Dr Azian binti Mohti
Head of Climate Change & Forestry Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7190
E-mail: azyan[at]

Dr Hamdan Omar
Head of Geoinformation Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7200
E-mail: hamdanomar[at]

Zaleha Abdul Hamid
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 03-6279 7163
E-mail: zalehaah[at]

Dr Siti Aisah Shamsuddin
Head of Ecohydrology Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7261
E-mail: sitiaisah[at]

En Ahmad Azaruddin Mohd Noor
Head of Ecotourism & Urban Forestry Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7234
E-mail: azarudin[at]

Cik Noorsiha Ayop
Head of FRIM WHS
Tel: 03-6279 7618
E-mail: noorsiha[at]