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Mohd Asmawee Ismail
Tel: 03-6279 7589
E-mail: asmawee[at]

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Siti Roshidan Saidin
Assistant Secretary
Tel: 03-6279 7172
E-mail: shidan[at]

Nur Azani Abdul Rasid
Head of Establishment Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7666
E-mail: nurazani[at]

Ruziah Ripin
Head of Training & Development Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7522
E-mail: ruziah[at]

Mohd Ghaus Hussein
Office Assistant
Tel: 03-6279 7172
E-mail: ghaus[at]

Azuarni Abd Adzis
Head of Services Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7022
E-mail: azuarni[at]