Canopy Walkway

Last modified: February 27, 2017

Located at Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve at about 300 meter above sea level, this famous attraction was constructed in 1992 for the purpose of scientific study of flora and fauna. This walkway system spans for 150 meter and is suspended between trees at approximately 30 meter above ground level. This walkway system and platforms are vantage points to experience a panoramic view of the forest and Kuala Lumpur area from a distance. The canopy walkway is opened to the public from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm, with the last batch of visitors to go up at 1.30 pm. It will be closed on Friday.

The walkway was closed since 13 October last year due to extensive damage caused by an uprooted tree after heavy downpour wreaked havoc on the FRIM campus. Several months after the supporting trees were allowed to recover, FRIM arborists assessed the health condition of these trees before Ecotourism and Urban Forestry (EUF) staff initiated repair work in April. However, to ensure public safety and sustainability of the walkway system, FRIM has decided to reduce the carrying capacity from 250 to 60 visitors per day.

For this activity, a FRIM nature guide must be engaged by any individual or group (each guide can only bring a maximum of 25 pax). You may decide to share a guide with others (and split the fee of RM 127.20), an option available only at 10.30 am & 12.00 pm, or hire a guide for yourself or your group at full cost.

Those interested to visit the canopy walkway must make prior booking by email to at least one day before coming to FRIM. The details required are your full name, number of pax, mobile number, date of visit and time of arrival. Please note that reservation for any activities can only be made during office hours, Monday to Friday, from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm, except on public holidays.

Operating hours are subject to weather conditions. The canopy walkway will be closed when it rains. It will be re-opened within 2 hours after the rain has subsided. All visitors including those interested to visit the canopy walkway are advised to check the Air Pollution Index (API) ( We strongly advise the public against jogging or undertaking any strenuous outdoor activity when the API is above 100. Please note that the canopy walkway will be closed when the 7.00 am API readings, posted on the abovementioned website, show above 150 for Batu Muda, Kuala Lumpur.


*Goods and Service Tax (GST) will be implemented on 01 April 2015. We are pleased to inform that Forest Research Institute Malaysia(FRIM) has successfully registered and our GST registration number is 000641753088. After 1st April 2015, all rates will be subjected to 6% GST with immediate effect regardless of your booking dates. That includes existing bookings.
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