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24 August 2021 – FRIM with the support from Korea Forest Service through the project on “Domestication of endangered, endemic and threatened plant species in disturbed terrestrial ecosystem in Malaysia and Thailand” is organising a Regional Webinar themed “Ex-situ Conservation and Carbon Sequestration Potential of Red List Tree Species”. The Webinar is scheduled on 20−21 October 2021 and is now open for all to register.

You may be familiar with the term ‘endangered’ plants or animals but have you ever heard of ‘Red List’? With the declining biodiversity of flora and fauna worldwide, International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List, or the IUCN Red List, was created in 1964 to assess the status of these plants and animals in terms of size and stability of a species’ populations and habitat. It provides us with global information that are used by policy-makers, academicians, NGOs and the public to understand the risks of extinction through various categories from ‘Least Concern’ to ‘Critically Endangered’.

Besides IUCN Red List, any country can develop its own Red List according to the threat and conservation status of threatened species. These information will become indispensable in implementing strategies and action plans for the purpose of conservation and sustainable utilisation of biological diversity, as well as in support of national and international commitments. Due to the growing threats that may compromise the existence and biodiversity of plants in various ecosystems, efforts in encouraging conservation and public awareness are becoming more important. With recent ex-situ conservation programmes like planting for restoration and enrichment of degraded or poorly-stocked forests, the ability of these Red List trees to sequester carbon should also be accounted in response to climate change.

You may click on https://www.frim.gov.my/webinar to secure a place. Participation is free of charge and limited to 500 attendees. Topics on Red List Tree Species that will be discussed in this Webinar are:

  1. Ex-situ conservation;
  2. Production of quality planting materials;
  3. Plantation development and; and
  4. Carbon sequestration potential.

The Webinar is also calling for papers now. More information on the oral and poster presentations as well as submission of Extended Abstract for an e-Proceedings are available in the link provided above. Click Regional Webinar

Look out for more updates including on invited speakers and the 2-day programme through FRIM’s website and FB soon. Meanwhile, register now!

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