In July 1996, the Perak State Government (PSG) sanctioned an area of 121.4 ha of ex-mining land to Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) for the establishment of a research station. The urgent need for greening the tin tailings with useful tree species have been acknowledged and endorsed by the policy makers and the State Government.

The location of the tin tailings is about 10 km SW of the Bidor town in Perak. The tin tailings consist of slime and sand tailings that are predominantly covered by grass and sparsely colonised by several pioneer species such as Muntingia calabura, Vitex pubescens, and Mallotus species.

The main objective of establishing the sub-station is to ensure that FRIM fulfils its mandate and mission of developing appropriate forestry systems for rehabilitation of degraded lands as stipulated in the FRIM’s Strategic Plan (1991-2000). Hence, the aims of establishing this sub-station are as follows:

  • To carry out research in developing cost effective tree planting techniques on tin tailings.
  • To conduct research in improving the site quality of tin tailings.
  • To establish demonstration plots of plantation species.
  • To generate financial gains from utilisation of tin tailings.
Development Plan (1997-2002)A strategic plan entitled ” Bidor Research Station Strategic Plan 1997-2002″ for the sub-station had been developed. The strategic plan will act as a guide to develop the tin tailings. A budget of RM 1.821 million was proposed to support the five-year development program of the sub-station.
  • Improvement of site quality of tin tailings through tree planting from 1996-1999. (IRPA No. 080102-00040).
  • Eco-physiology of tropical tree species-Afforestation of tin tailings 1997-2000 (Foresty and Forest Product Research Institute, Japan-FRIM)


The sub-station is under the auspices of Forest Plantation Division Director, and the officer-in-charge of the sub-station is Dr. Ho Wai Mun.

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