We have 11 serial publications and they are listed below (No. 1–11). Publications other than these series are also included (No. 12). In the Index (No. 13), publications are categorised according to subjects. Search for publications using keywords by clicking the search button below. Description of the series is also provided.

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  1. Malayan Forest Records (MFR)
  2. FRIM Technical Information Handbook (FTIHB)
  3. Siri Alam Dan Rimba (SAR)
  4. Trees Flora Of Sabah & Sarawak (TFSS)
  5. FRIM Special Publications
  6. Research Pamphlets (RP)
  7. FRIM Technical Information (FTI)
  8. Timber Technology Bulletin (TTB)
  9. Proceedings
  10. Annual Report
  11. Other Publications
  12. Index