Tel: 03-6279 7008
Email: ismailp[at]
Jesmini Mat AliSecretary
Tel: 03-6279 7008
E-mail: jesmini[at]
Praveena a/p Balai KerishnanSpecial Functions Officer
Tel: 03-6279 7085
E-mail: praveena[at]
Zulifah OmarAdministrative Assistant
Tel: 03-6279 7010
E-mail: zulifah[at]
Noorhafizan Mohd Sharif Administrative Assistant
Tel: 03-6279 7009
E-mail: noorhafizan[at]
Dr Norwati Muhammad
Dr Norwati MuhammadDeputy Director General (Research)
Tel: 03-6279 7215
Adilahani AhmadSecretary
Tel: 03-6279 7018
E-mail: adilahani[at]
Fatimah Ab. RahmanAdministrative Assistant
Tel: 03-6279 7016
E-mail: fatimahar[at]
Mahmudin Saleh
Mahmudin SalehDeputy Director General (Operations)
Tel: 03-6279 7012
E-mail: mahmudin[at]
Nor Shahidah HussinSecretary
Tel: 03-6279 7013
E-mail: norshahidah[at]
Sahrol Ab. LahAdministrative Assistant
Tel: 03-6279 7014
E-mail: sahrol[at]
Dr Wan Mohd Shukri Wan Ahmad
Dr Wan Mohd Shukri Wan AhmadDirector
Tel: 03-6279 7161
E-mail: shukri[at]
Syuriani Mohd ZakiSecretary
Tel: 03-6279 7162
E-mail: syuriani[at]
Mohd Nizam MustapaAdministrative Assistant
Tel: 03-6279 7163
E-mail: nizammustapa[at]
Nur Hajar Zamah ShariHead of Natural Forest Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7174
E-mail: hajar[at]
En Ahmad Azaruddin Mohd NoorHead of Ecotourism & Urban Forestry Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7234
E-mail: azarudin[at]
Dr Elizabeth PhilipHead of Environment & Climate Change Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7249
E-mail: philip[at]
Cik Noorsiha AyopHead of FRIM WHS Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7618
E-mail: noorsiha[at]
Dr Mohd Zaki Hj Abdullah
Dr Mohd Zaki Hj AbdullahDirector
Tel: 03-6279 7098
E-mail: zaky[at]
Nor Fazhani HashimSecretary
Tel: 03-6279 7087
E-mail: fazhani[at]
Zaiton MohamadAdministrative Assistant
Tel: 03-6279 7987
E-mail: zaitonm[at]
Dr Nor Hasnida HassanHead of Biotechnology Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7154
E-mail: hasnida[at]
Dr Rosdi KoterHead of Forest Plantation Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7093
E-mail: rosdi[at]
Dr Farah Fazwa Mohd AriffHead of Tree Improvement Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7332
E-mail: farah[at]
Dr Lee Soon Leong
Dr Lee Soon LeongDirector
Tel: 03-6279 7145
E-mail: leesl[at]
Zanariah NasaruddinSecretary
Tel: 03-6279 7219
E-mail: zanariahn[at]
Adi Purba FadzilahAdministrative Assistant
Tel: 03-6279 7901
E-mail: adipurba[at]
Dr Sam Yen YenHead of Floral Biodiversity Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7230
E-mel: samyen[at]
Dr Nada BadruddinHead of Faunal Biodiversity Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7112
E-mail: nada[at]
Dr Mohd Farid AhmadHead of Forest Health & Conservation Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7119
E-mail: mohdfarid[at]
Dr Wan Tarmeze Wan Ariffin
Dr Wan Tarmeze Wan AriffinDirector
Tel: 03-6279 7311
E-mail: tarmeze[at]
Tuan Nur Atiqah Tuan HussinSecretary
Tel: 03-6279 7280
E-mail: nuratiqah[at]
Dr Zaihan JalaludinHead of Wood Processing and Properties Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7286
E-mail: zaihan[at]
Dr Latifah binti JasmaniHead of Wood Chemistry and Non-Wood Utilisation Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7308
E-mail: latifah[at]
Hashim W SamsiHead of Wood Product Quality Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7319
E-mail: hashimws[at]
Dr Ling Sui Kiong
Dr Ling Sui KiongDirector
Tel: 03-6279 7356
E-mail: lingsk[at]
Nur Wahida TajudinSecretary
Tel: 03-6279 7330
E-mail: wahida[at]
Dr Zunoliza AbdullahHead of Herbal Quality Control Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7339
E-mail: zunoliza[at]
Dr Fadzureena JamaludinHead of Biological Resources Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7607
E-mail: fadzureena[at]
Dr Mastura MohtarHead of Bioprospecting Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7351
E-mail: mastura[at]
Liza Ismail
Liza IsmailDirector
Tel: 03-6279 7237
E-mail: liza[at]
Suzrina ShamsuddinSecretary
Tel: 03-6279 7023
E-mail: suzrina[at]
Zulkifli Md SaidOffice Assistant
Tel: 03-6279 7035
E-mail: zulkiflims[at]
Sharifudden SaminHead of Development & Maintenance Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7057
E-mail: sharifudden[at]
Zamri Mohd ZangiHead of Procurement Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7028
E-mail: zamrimz[at]
Suharti SamodHead of Management Services Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7685
E-mail: suharti[at]
Nor Haliyan Tan ShilanHead of Quality Management Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7372
E-mail: haliyan[at]
Abdul Jabbar Sabli
Abdul Jabbar SabliDirector
Tel: 03-6279 7509
E-mail: jabbar[at]
Nor Azlina ZakariaSecretary
Tel: 03-6279 7452
E-mail: n_azlina[at]
Dr Fadhilah Zainudin Head of Innovation and Incubation Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7749
E-mail: fadhilah[at]
Mohd Shahidan Mohd ArshadHead of Technology Services Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7538
E-mel: shahidan[at]
Abdul Jabbar Hj. SabliHead of Services Management Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7509
E-mel: jabbar[at]
Jumaaton Abu Bakar
Jumaaton Abu BakarDirector
Tel: 03-6279 7041
E-mail: jumaaton[at]
Sarina HussinSecretary
Tel: 03-6279 7025
E-mail: sarina[at]
Rasyidah SallehAdministrative Assistant
Tel: 03-6279 7026
E-mail: syidah[at]
Saizatul Maheran RamleHead of Finance and Budgeting Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7107
E-mail: maheran[at]
Zainorasri YahyaHead of Asset, Store & Account Management Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7060
E-mail: zainorasri[at]
Mohd Asmawee Ismail
Mohd Asmawee IsmailDirector
Tel: 03-6279 7589
E-mail: asmawee[at]
Salasiah Mohd ZainAssistant Secretary
Tel: 03-6279 7172
E-mail: salasiah[at]
Mohd Ghaus HusseinOffice Assistant
Tel: 03-6279 7172
E-mail: ghaus[at]
Nur Azani Abdul RasidHead of Establishment Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7666
E-mail: nurazani[at]
Azuarni Abd AdzisHead of Services Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7022
E-mail: azuarni[at]
Sarifah Binti Kunju Ahmad
Sarifah Binti Kunju AhmadDirector
Tel: 03-6279 7201
E-mail: sarifah[at]
Norazian Syahid TaySecretary
Tel: 03-6279 7468
E-mail: norazian[at]
Nurfarahin Mohamad YusofAdministrative Assistant
Tel: 03-6279 7794
E-mail: nurfarahin[at]
Ida Suraini Bt. Abd. ShukorHead of Publication Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7501
E-mail: idasuraini[at]
Zahari OthmanHead of Information Technology Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7473
E-mail: zahari[at]
Norain Mohd ArifHead of Library Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7520
E-mail: norain[at]
Dr Mohd Rosli Haron
Dr Mohd Rosli HaronDirector
Tel: 03-6279 7146
E-mail: mrosli[at]
Rosnaidah IbrahimSecretary
Tel: 03-6279 7216
E-mail: rosnaidah[at]
Saiful Shahrizan Abdul MajidOffice Assistant
Tel: 03-6279 7550
E-mail: saifulam[at]
Dr Mohamad Nasir Mat Arip Head of Research Policy & Planning Branch
Tel: 03-6279 7284
E-mail: mnasir[at]
Rohana Abd Rahman Head of Economic & Strategic Analysis Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7761
E-mail: rohanasr[at]
Mohd Parid MamatHead of Social Forestry Programme
Tel: 03-6279 7547
E-mail: paridms[at]
Toh An NeeHead of Corporate Communication Unit
Tel: 03-6279 7455
E-mail: annee[at]
Lim Chung LuMedia Officer
Tel: 03-6279 7458
E-mail: limchunglu[at]
Maria Arlene Jackan Anak SibaPublic Relations Officer
Tel: 03-6279 7529
E-mail: maria[at]
Nur Afniza Mohammad GhazaliInformation Officer (Documentation)
Tel: 03-6279 7590 / 7592
E-mail: nurafniza[at]
Toh An NeeHead of Visitor Information Centre
Tel: 03-6279 7458
E-mail: annee[at]
Nur Afniza Mohammad GhazaliInformation Officer (Documentation)
Tel: 03-6279 7590 / 7592
E-mail: nurafniza[at]
Nurfaiezah MazeriCustomer Service Officer
Tel: 03-6279 7592
E-mail: nurfaiezah[at]
Nurul Ain AhmadCustomer Service Officer
Tel: 03-6279 7649
E-mail: nurulain[at]
Norizan Mohd ArifimCustomer Service Officer
Tel: 03-6279 7596
E-mail: norizan[at]
Dr. Sharmiza AdnanManaging Director
Tel: 03-6279 7691
Email: sharmiza[at[
Nor Haliyan Tan ShilanCertification Manager
Tel: 03-6279 7372
E-mail: haliyan[at]
Nurfaizatul Ashikin MoktharAdministrative Officer
Tel: 03-6279 7752
E-mail: nurfaizatul[at]