FRIM Product Certification Services (FRIM PCS) was established in June 2013 and approved under the special powers of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment on November 18, 2014 as an addition to the Malaysian Forestry Research and Development Board Act 319 (1985). FRIM was accredited the ISO/IEC 17065 (Conformity Assessment-Requirement for Bodies Certifying Product, Processes and Services) from Department of Standards Malaysia on 12 December 2014, and recognised as the eight Product Certification Body in Malaysia. Following the gazette of FRIM ACT 2016(ACT 782) on 1 October 2016, FRIM PCS has played on extensive role as a product certification body for forest resources and products.

The main goals of FRIM PCS are:

  • To help the local industries to produce quality products consistently
  • To ensure that the forest-based industry meet the required specifications and standards determined by the stakeholders and users, and
  • To assist the wood-based furniture industry in manufacturing quality products that meet the standards as demanded by the local and international markets.

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