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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept in which the management of an organisation undertakes an obligation to integrate decisions and actions that will contribute towards the community and benefit the organisation. In other words, CSR reflects an organisation’s commitment towards improving the society’s wellbeing and it also serves to enhance the organisation’s image. CSR activities are undertaken by FRIM to promote its products and image. FRIM also provides facilities and services for corporate bodies to conduct their CSR activities in its campus. FRIM started being active in conducting CSR activities since 2000. Several programmes have been developed involving various levels and groups of society.

By conducting such programmes, FRIM is able to introduce itself as a responsible government agency, paving the way for environmental movement and promoting green causes. FRIM has carried out numerous activities to raise environmental awareness and to disemminate information to the public. In this respect, FRIM has received support from local and international corporate bodies including institutions of higher learning in organising such activities. FRIM CSR activities are categorised as follows:

  • Tree Planting 
  • Community Service / Gotong-Royong
  • Sponsorship
  • Healthy Living
  • Outreach or Environmental Awareness

Contact Us
For more information, please contact the FRIM Corporate Communication Unit at:

Office No. : 03-6279 7591 / 7577 / 7529
Fax No. : 03-6277 0583
Sms No. : 019-205 1356
E-mail :

Letter(s) of application should be forwarded to the following officer:

Toh An Nee

Head of Corporate Communication Unit
Forest Research Institute Malaysia
52109 Kepong
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Email: annee[at]

Letters of request for any activity should be sent to FRIM at least one month from the intended date of the CSR activity.

From 2010 to 2013, 4,564 trees were planted through the FRIM CSR efforts involving 65 corporate bodies. FRIM Corporate Communication Unit (CCU) has been working with the Malaysian Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) in its tree-planting initiative, Business Tourism Green Programme, launched in 2010 in support of the government’s commitment to offset carbon emissions by 40 percent by year 2020. Apart from plantation or natural forest tree planting as a CSR activity, an organisation may also opt for memorial tree planting to mark specific events such as birthdays or special occasions; and commemorative tree planting by VIPs / special guests for which the planting location will be in a prime area of FRIM. The Institute has been declared a Natural Heritage Site in 2009 and National Heritage in 2012, and therefore, it would be a great honour to be able to plant trees in FRIM which will be preserved for centuries. If a company does not have the time or manpower for the tree planting, it may make a pledge and let FRIM undertake the tree planting on its behalf.

Guide to Tree Planting activity: Planting site: Areas as advised by FRIM officers in charge. The preparation includes the following:

  • Species selection
  • Preparing the planting site
  • Site planning
  • Selecting tree saplings

Planting theme: Species collected from FRIM forest for trial planting and conservation purposes or ornamental and shade tree species. The selection of species is subject to availability of stock in the nursery.

Planting materials: Saplings of height between 1 and 2 m. The minimum number of trees for corporate tree planting activity is 30.

Planting activity: Site preparation and planting tools will be provided by FRIM. Participants are encouraged to be actively involved. Participants may also delegate the tree planting task to FRIM staff if the site is found to be inaccessible (too steep, too muddy or too remote). Photographic evidence will be provided upon completion of the tree planting exercise.

Marker: A plaque/marker will be erected to mark the planting activity/occasion if the number of trees exceeds 30. The plaque will specify of the following details:

Saiz Plak 1” x 1.5”
a Plaque size 1” x 1.5”
Colour of plaque is black / 1 metre high

Saiz Plak 1” x 1.5”
Colour of plaque is black / 1 metre high

Participants: The number of people taking part in tree planting is set at a ratio of 1:3, meaning a maximum number of three (3) people for planting of one (1) tree. This is to ensure the site will not be too congested and the soil compacted.

Plant Database: Planted trees will be mapped and the information will be kept in our database. Records of all trees planted have been kept since 1926 and these trees belong to FRIM.

FRIM’s responsibility: To maintain the trees planted as part of the routine ground and landscape work such as weeding, fertilising or any other requirements and common practices. Saplings will be planted closely. Those which fail to survive due to natural causes will not be replaced. However, if replaced, it may not necessarily be of the same species.

Arrangement: Please write in officially to FRIM with attention to the Corporate Communication Unit. Do give an advanced notice to enable FRIM to make the necessary preparation. It is the prerogative of FRIM to accept or reject the application.

Equipment: Basic equipment necessary for tree planting will be provided (such as hoe, spade etc.)

Certificate: All corporate sponsors participating in our tree planting programme will be acknowledged as Corporate FRIENDS OF FRIM. A certificate on this will be issued.

Cost per tree:

Activities Cost (RM)
‘Forester for a Day’ (Enrichment planting) RM 100.00 per tree
Commemorative Planting (Kepong Botanic Gardens/Theme Park) RM 500.00 – RM 5,000.00 per tree


(Above rates not inclusive of 6% GST)

MyCEB Chief Executive Officer, Zulkefli Sharif, planting a chengal tree.

MyCEB Chief Executive Officer, Zulkefli Sharif, planting a chengal tree.

Apart from tree planting, FRIM also provides an avenue for welfare / gotong-royong activities for those who are interested in joining CSR program in FRIM. Among organisations which had conducted joint CSR activities with FRIM were the Sin Chew Cadet Journalists; the Multimedia College (MMC) and Kuala Lumpur Society of Parents and Guardians of Deaf Children (PESIBA); Starbucks PJ, Maybank (Group Credit Management & Regional Retail Credit, Region FT), Teacher Training Institute (IPG) dan Kumpulan Kursus Bahasa Melayu Kejuruteraan UIAM.

Gotong-royong river cleaning in FRIM.

Gotong-royong river cleaning in FRIM.

Malaysian Institute Information Technology (MIIT) students painting a wall mural to beautify Tabika Kemas Akasia.

Malaysian Institute Information Technology (MIIT) students painting a wall mural to beautify Tabika Kemas Akasia.

UiTM student volunteers

UiTM student volunteers for planting trees contributed by Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).

Hewlett Packard (M) Corporation Sdn Bhd staff

Hewlett Packard (M) Corporation Sdn Bhd staff interweaving of seedlings.

FRIM also welcomes sponsorship from corporate bodies as part of CSR activities. This category of CSR can be in the form of sponsoring the construction or upgrading of facilities or providing contribution for selected activities. Among the sponsorships provided by corporate bodies to FRIM was the construction of information boards at the picnic area and Kepong Botanic Garden respectively. The information boards were provided by Conocophillips in 2011. PUSPAKOM and Plenitude also implemented this type of CSR programme by providing rest areas and upgrading nature trails. Apart from the construction of facilities, FRIM also received sponsorships for tree planting. Corporate bodies interested to sponsor tree planting activities may channel to FRIM an agreed sum, based on RM100 per tree, and let FRIM-appointed volunteers carry out the planting.

Papan maklumat yang ditaja oleh ConocoPhillips

Information board sponsored by Conocophillips.

Ho Foong Moi, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)

Ho Foong Moi, Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) Chief Executive Officer, presenting a cheque for tree planting to the FRIM Director General Dato’ Dr Abd Latif Mohmod.

Wakaf sumbangan PUSPAKOM.

A rest hut contributed by PUSPAKOM.

Kakitangan Plenitude Berhad bersama wakil FRIM di denai kanopi yang dinaiktaraf

Plenitude Berhad and FRIM staff at the start of the trail leading to the Canopy Walkway.

In line with the government’s aim to ensure ‘Clean Nation, Healthy Citizens’, FRIM welcomes (collaborations with) corporate bodies interested to conduct Healthy Lifestyle activities in FRIM. Among the activities conducted at the FRIM campus by the various corporate bodies were Cabaran Sihat (Health Challenge) with Kevin Zahari and Utusan Karya; Green Walkathon with Carigali Exploration Sector; Pink Hope Charity Run by Lions Club; Eco Fun Walk & Green Cycle in conjunction with World Environment Day celebration.

 Green Walkathon bersama Carigali Exploration Sector

Green Walkathon with Carigali Exploration Sector.

Aktiviti “Green Cycle”

Green Cycle organised by FRIM in conjunction with the FRIM World Environment Day 2010.

Larian Pink Hope bersama Lions Club

Pink Hope Charity Run with Lions Club

Peserta larian ‘Frost the Trail’

Participants of ‘Frost the Trail’ organised by Frost and Sullivan at Kepong Botanic Garden, FRIM

Such activities are undertaken to help FRIM enhance awareness among the public on the importance of forests. Numerous activities have been implemented under this programme such as “No polystyrene and plastics” Campaign; Photography Competition and Nature Photography Workshop; Kembara Bersama Media (organised by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and FRIM), Car Boot Sale, Recycle Counter and Erra Art Club in conjunction with World Environment Day; FRIM Photography Exhibition in conjunction with the World Earth Day celebration; and the Malaysian Aborigines & Indigenous Arts Festival 2011 with the National Department for Arts and Culture and the Ministry of Information Communication and Culture.

Kaunter Kitar Semula di FRIM

Recycling Counter in FRIM.

Pertandingan Melukis oleh Erra Art Club

Colouring competition organised by Erra Art Club.

Kempen “Katakan Tidak Pada Plastik dan Polistirena”

Launching of “No polystyrene and plastics” campaign in FRIM.

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