Beginning with the exchange of a statutory body on 1 October 1985, FRIM continues to embark on a competitive forestry research and development (R & D) organization in generating knowledge to produce intellectual capital in the form of valuable innovative products, services, processes and methodologies that meet market demand.

In accordance with the FRIM Act which came into force in 2016, FRIM has improved its the concept of strategy and the commercialization structure adopted. In addition, the role of the Innovation and Commercialisation Division more to Technology Transfer Office (TTO) to spearhead the commercialisation aspects in a more detailed and adapt the structure according to the best model.

FRIM will continue to identify new technologies that can be commercialised to meet market demand while increasing revenue, creating new skills or competencies and offering more job opportunities for the public.

Research outcomes are intellectual properties generated from the creative thinking of a researcher or inventor. The resulting intellectual property can be protected under certain laws for a predetermined period of time.

Main Functions

  • Consultation of intellectual property filing/office action/maintenance
  • Screening of superiority idea/know how/technology
  • Internal and external scientific affair to internal and external collaborations (researcher and patent agent)

Please Contact:
Munirah Mohd Fauzi
Tel: 03-6279 7029

Nur Amalina Rashid
Tel: 03-62797679
E-mail: FRIM_ICP[at]

The establishment of this branch is to advance the technology developed by FRIM research officers to be available for commercialization. Technology incubation is part of the pre-commercialization process to be carried out by the ICD Division.

Main Function

  • Work with research teams to advance technology or products resulting in market prototypes.
  • Analyze required gaps to ensure a complete supply chain
  • Production capability and scale optimization
  • Analyze cost effectiveness
  • Product quality development and meet market expectations

Please Contact:
Khairul Kamilah Abd. Kadir
Tel: 03-6279 7029

Dr Fadhilah Zainudin
Tel: 03-6279 7509

Muhammad Faiz Md Fauzi
Tel: 03-62797452
Email: FRIM_ICP[at]

The commercialization strategy of FRIM is to continuously improve its efforts in research and translate the results of innovation in the form of technology or products directly into the market. With expertise and knowledge in forest-based and forestry-based industries, technology is more innovative and effective.

The Collaboration between ICD Division and FRIM Incorporation Sdn. Bhd. and its strategic partners are expected to contribute to the enhancement of experience in product development, marketing, manufacturing, and financing.

Main Function

  • Technological assessment
  • Market Validation
  • Technology Licensing Consultation
  • Business Model Groundwork
  • Selection of expertise for consultation

Please Contact:

Dr. Fadhilah Zainudin
Tel: 03-62797509
Email: FRIM_ICP[at]

Nurul Nazifa Mohd Zulkifli
Tel: 03-62797514
Email: FRIM_ICP[at]

The graduate development program known as the FRIM-MTDC (FMBioSis) Development Program was launched on 21 May 2008 with the primary objective of producing elite graduates supported by technology resulting from FRIM’s research activities. 10 spin-off companies were established under the program aimed at commercializing FRIM’s technology. The existence of elite entrepreneurs among graduates is expected to be able to leverage on technology and research methods to produce innovations and products that meet market and service demands for the biotechnology industry.

FRIM acts as a technology provider to provide potential technology for commercialization and to continuously provide technical guidance to companies established under this program. MTDC is distributing financial resources through the Commercialization of R & D Fund (CRDF) fund to the company and also to guide entrepreneurs and business development.

These companies have been guided on a continuous basis until April 1, 2014, entrepreneurs and companies have been graduated from this program with the aim of opening a great opportunity for companies to be independent and to grow their respective companies. The release of FRIM’s interest from this company is to provide companies with the opportunity to find investors who are interested in investing in FMBioSis companies.

Contact Person:

Dr. Pin Kar Yong
Email: pin[at]
Tel: 03-62797695

Dr. Fadhilah Zainudin
Email: fadhilah[at]
Tel: 03-62797749