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Herbal Technology Centre (HTC) is one of the excellence centre that play a major role in supporting the herbal industry. HTC provides herbal processing and finished product manufacturing services. HTC has received Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification in 2007 from the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB), Ministry of Health Malaysia. Through this certification, HTC has been recognized as an entity that capable to produce high quality product which comply with the required specification. In 2012, HTC successfully obtained a Manufacturer’s License from NPCB to offer contract manufacturing service to the industry.

Since 2016, HTC has assisting customers to comply with Halal Certification scheme from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). In December 2017, HTC also received Halal Certificate for six herbal extracts manufactured here. With both GMP and Halal Assurance System in place, the commitment for safety assurance, hygiene and quality product are always a priority for HTC

Main Function

  • Provide herbal and medicinal plant processing services.
  • Organize herbal processing technology course / training for entrepreneurs / students involved in herbs.

Post-harvest processing activities include drying and grinding of raw material.

Please contact:

Adib Zubaidi bin Rashid
Tel: 03-6279 769
E-mail: HTC_Enquiry[at]frim.gov.my

This unit is divided into two sections; Extraction and Finished Product. High quality herbal extract is produced by applying state of the art extraction process, concentration and drying in controlled environment at Extraction section.  Meanwhile, the Finished Product section provides service on producing finished product in capsule and tablet form.

Please contact:

(Section: Extraction)
Dr Pin Kar Yong
Tel: 03-6279 7695
E-mail: HTC_Enquiry[at]frim.gov.my

(Section: Finished Product)
Khairol Iruwan bin Abdullah
Tel: 03-6279 7695
E-mail: HTC_Enquiry[at]frim.gov.my

Quality control is conducted on raw material, semi and finished goods to ensure the manufactured product are safe and in a good quality, complied with its specification.

Please contact:

Muhammad Yatimi Othman
Tel: 03-6279 7697/ 7696
E-mail: HTC_Enquiry[at]frim.gov.my

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