Activity Description
Birdwatching/Wildlife Obeservation (closed) Birdwatching is a great way of introducing to kids and society to the wonderful world of birds and expose them to nature. Getting school kids and nature lover involved in birdwatching is one of a great educational experience, and we have it conducted oftenly in FRIM’s ground. FRIM’s having approximately 182 species of birds out of 742 species in Malaysia. With this number, it is considered as highly diversified. There are a few hotspots from various habitat type such as wetland, Kepong Botanic Gardens, fruits arboretum, non-dipterocarps arboretum and several other places for birdwatcher to do the sighting while enjoying the nature in FRIM. Such joy and excitement can rarely be obtained in other urban green space in this state of Selangor.
Cycling (closed) Common cycling activities are allowed at FRIM campus. Cyclists are requires to cycle only on the designated roads. Cyclists can start the activities in FRIM as early as 7.00 am to 6.30 pm daily.
Jogging Located 16 km from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, FRIM is accessible for most urbanites. This makes FRIM an ideal location for recreational activities such as jogging in a natural ambience. Joggers are only allowed to use the paved roads in Kepong Botanic Gardens from 7.30am to 7.00pm (Monday-Thursday) and 7.00 am to 7.00pm (weekends and public holidays) with last entry at 6:30pm.

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