Cabbage-leafed nutmeg: Luscious fruits for birds
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Horsfieldia superba or Cabbage-leafed nutmeg belongs to the  Myristicaceae or nutmeg family. It is locally known as penarahan.  The tree size is medium to big, reaching up to 30 m high. The leaf is very large, elliptic, rusty wooly. The bole is straight, bark longitudinally fissured, dippled or cracked.  The habitat includes lowland and swampy forests. This species can be found in Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Sumatra. To see the globose, yellow to orange fruits of this species, go to B2 building where one tree can be seen full with fruits. Hornbills and  emerald dove feeds on the aril when the fruits ripen and split open. The same tree was last seen fruiting in 2005.

Prepared by Norsham, SY. Posted on 16 October 2013. The weekly weather was 23° to 34°C and rainy.