“Cannon-ball” tree bears magnificient flowers in FRIM

This Couroupita guianensis tree has rather unusual inflorescences, they grow directly out of the main trunk, a condition termed as “cauliflory”. The large fleshy flowers would last for weeks and exude a strong fragrance that attracts insects for pollination. The cannon-ball tree can grow up to 20 m tall. The species is deciduous and will shed all of its leaves during the dry season.

The fruits are huge, brown in colour resembling cannon balls, hence its name. Within the fruit are many small seeds. The cannon-ball tree is a native of South America. It is often planted in tropical botanic gardens. The cannon-ball tree flowers throughout the year. The tree with it’s glamorous flowers can be seen in front of B2 building.

The brown, heavy, cannon-ball like fruit give the tree its name.

The huge, attractive flowers of the “cannon-ball” tree.

Cannon-ball flower’s strong fragrant invites insect pollinators.