Gapis: Flowering bright and fragrant
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Saraca cauliflora or gapis at FRIM was last recorded blooming by FRIM in Colours in the last week of January 2014.  Currently another episode of vibrant flowering is occurring since the last week of January 2012 2014.The flowers usually last for two or three weeks. Locally known as gapis, Saraca cauliflora is also known as ashoka tree, yellow saraca, ghandhapushpa or sorrowless tree. Saraca belongs to the family Fabaceae. It is distributed within South East Asia and highly valued as a medicinal tree.

In Malaysia, the tree can often be found naturally on riverbanks, such as by the rivers of recreation forests. Due to its pretty flowering nature, the tree is widely used for ornamental planting. In FRIM, two trees can be seen in the compound of the primary school where it was planted as ornamental trees. Gapis can be observed near Sg Kroh tributary longside Jalan Jelutong, where it grows wildly and three flowering trees can be seen at Kepong Botanic Gardens.

For visitors to FRIM’s canopy walkway, beautiful flowering gapis trees can be seen along the journey. Four trees along the Rover Track, five trees along the Canopy trail and three can be sighted from the walkway. Five beautifully flowering gapis trees can be seen near Cafe Kasah, at Sg Kroh Picnic site FRIM.

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