Mangifera gedebe: The Sourly Fruit
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Mangifera gedebe belongs to the mango family and distributed naturally in West Java, Sumatra and Eastern Borneo. The tree is locally known as kedepir, gedepir or repeh. The fruits are only edible when unripe and are very sour. When ripe, the pulp is too scanty and hard. The wood has been used traditionally in East Kalimantan as housing material especially for walls.

It has been recorded that along riverbanks the trees flower in June to September and fruit in August to November. In FRIM, after two and a half years, it fruits for the first time. The fruiting trees can be seen at the FRuit Tree Arboretum.

Prepared by Noor Azlin Y. Posted on 17 October 2013. The weekly weather was 23° to 34°C and rainy.