Queen of Flowering Trees
Amhertia nobilis in front of building D6, FRIM

Amhertia nobilis in front of building D6, FRIM

Amherstia nobilis might well be the prettiest among all flowering plants, that it earned the title “Queen of Flowering Trees”. The original distribution of this plant was limited to certain areas of Burma, thus it’s other namesake is “Pride of Burma”. The tree was scientifically named after Lady Sarah Amherstia, a famous 19th century plant collector in Asia. Amherstia nobilis’s new leaves dangle from the branches much like handkerchiefs.

They started grey in colour, turning to a purplish hue and finally green as they mature. The tree can reach up to 10m. Amherstia nobilis flowers all year round showing off its large red, yellow dotted, orchid-like flowers. The tree is sown from seeds, although they are rarely available thus air layering is also a possible propagation method of this beautiful ornamental plant.

A young flower bud. Picture taken by Nor Azlin M. F.

Amhertia nobilis, picture taken in February 2012

The new leaves are in flaccid pale grey tassels that turn purplish and then green as they open.