Timber trees are flowering in FRIM

Hopea subalata is another family member of Dipterocarpaceae. This species is not only endemic to Peninsular Malaysia but highly restricted to only one particular locality of Kanching Forest Reserve, Selangor where the only known populations of H. subatala  exist.

Hence the species is locally known as merawan kanching or giam kanching. Kanching is located at the end of the Klang Gates quartzite ridge,  which is one of the longest terrestrial quartz ridge in the world.

Giam kanching is a small dipterocarp tree with smooth bark that can reach up to 1 m in girth. The timber is known as giam. Hopea subalata is a Critically Endangered species given its rarity in distribution. This rare dipterocarp has a very special  mode of reproduction that results in any offspring to be genetically identical to the parent plant

Those interested to have a close up look at this rare tree, should seize the opportunity to see the flowering trees in Dipterocarp Arboretum and Kepong Botanical Gardens.

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