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FRIM welcomes private reforestation initiatives

31 January 2019 (Thursday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) welcomes private sector involvement in forest restoration and biodiversity conservation efforts in the country. From left: Caroline, Chua and Mohamad Helmy launching the ‘Plant-A-Tree’ book. FRIM Forest Biodiversity Research Officer Ajla Rafidah Baharom (far right) showing exhibits to visitors.  “FRIM is ready to collaborate with private sector on reforestation as well as biodiversity enrichment projects in efforts to prevent the loss of precious flora species,” said FRIM Director General Dato’ Dr Abd Latif Mohmod in his speech read by FRIM Forest Biodiversity Director Dr Lillian Chua at [...]

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FRIM to assist in mangrove conservation in Penang

22 January 2019 (Tuesday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) Director General (DG) Dato’ Abd Latif Mohmod and Deputy DG (Research) Dr Samsudin Musa visited Penang on 12 January to discuss the possibility of assisting the state in the conservation and rehabilitation of mangroves related to the proposed Penang South Reclamation Project. Representatives of SRS, State Government and JPNPP posing for a group picture. Samsudin (third from left), Rusli (fourth from left) and Abd Latif (fifth from left).  SRS representative Poh Chia Ching briefing the attendees. Following the FRIM Technology Talk held on 27 November last year [...]

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KATS Minister conducts a working visit to FRIM

16 January 2019 (Wednesday) – The Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources (KATS), Dr Xavier Jayakumar, has conducted his first working visit to Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong, this morning. He who was accompanied by the KATS Deputy Secretary General (Land and Natural Resources), Dato' Suhaimi Mamat and the Biodiversity Management and Forestry Under Secretary, Dato' Wan Mazlan Wan Mahmood. Abd Latif (left) discussing with Xavier at the briefing session. From left: Marzalina, Amiruddin, Abd Latif, Xavier, Faizal, Suhaimi and Mohd Adnan during the MOU document exchange.  The Minister was greeted by FRIM Director General [...]

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FRIM adjusts operation hours

10 January 2019 (Thursday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) has adjusted its operation hours since 2 January 2019 to ensure public safety in the campus.  “We appreciate the cooperation and supporting given to conserve the campus,” said Liza Ismail.  New operation hours displayed on FRIM Facebook page. The new operation hours will be fully enforced from 1 July. However, FRIM has started advising and educating visitors who come early to enter the campus at 6.00 am. FRIM Campus is open from 6.00 am to 7.00 pm, with the last entry at 6.30 pm.  Recreational activities can [...]

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FRIM keeps vintage timber engineering machine working

3 January 2019 (Thursday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) manages to keep its vintage timber engineering device, the Buckton universal testing machine, working with some modification. The 97-year-old machine, believed to be the only remaining unit in the world, is still in good working condition today thanks to the brilliance of Dr Mohamad Omar Mohamad Khaidzir, who heads the FRIM Timber Engineering Laboratory (TEL). ​ Mohamad Omar and the computerised Buckton universal testing machine.  Mohamad Omar explaining about the research conducted at TEL to visitors.  With his passion in software writing and electronics, Mohamad Omar created a computerised [...]

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