KATS Minister conducts a working visit to FRIM
By Published On: January 18, 2019

16 January 2019 (Wednesday) – The Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources (KATS), Dr Xavier Jayakumar, has conducted his first working visit to Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong, this morning.

He who was accompanied by the KATS Deputy Secretary General (Land and Natural Resources), Dato’ Suhaimi Mamat and the Biodiversity Management and Forestry Under Secretary, Dato’ Wan Mazlan Wan Mahmood.

Abd Latif (left) discussing with Xavier at the briefing session. From left: Marzalina, Amiruddin, Abd Latif, Xavier, Faizal, Suhaimi and Mohd Adnan during the MOU document exchange. 

The Minister was greeted by FRIM Director General (DG) Dato’ Dr Abd Latif Mohmod, Deputy DG (Operations) Dr Khali Aziz Hamzah, Deputy DG (Research) Dr Samsudin Musa, and FRIM top management officials.

Abd Latif introduced FRIM management officials to the Minister and briefed him on FRIM’s background, major research fields as well as the importance of its research contribution to the country at Licuala Meeting Room.

From left: Abd Latif, Xavier and Khali Aziz listening to explanation from FRIM zoologist Shahfiz Azman (far right) on the exhibits. FRIM top management officials posing for a group picture with Xavier (seated, middle).

Xavier also witnessed the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between FRIM and Indah Water Konsortium (IWK).

Abd Latif represented FRIM in signing the MOU while IWK by its Chief Executive Officer, Faizal Othman. Also present, FRIM Forestry Biotechnology Director Dato’ Dr Marzalina Mansor, IWK Chairman Amiruddin Abdul Aziz and IWK Planning and Engineering Department Head Ir. Mohd Adnan Md Dom.

In the collaboration in line with the “Waste to Wealth” concept, FRIM and IWK will study the use of treated waterwaste (biosolid) for the production of high quality planting materials and forest plantation. Both parties will study the advantages of using biosolids compared to commercial slow release fertiliser and promote its utilisation.

IWK will contribute expertise in domestic sewage management while FRIM will conduct research in the application of biosolids for the production of planting materials and development of forest plantations.

The Minister also visited exhibition of the various research findings, products as well as services by FRIM and the programme concluded with the planting of a kapur (Dryobalanops aromatica) tree to commemorate this special occasion. 

Hazlina Ali (paling kanan) menunjukkan fungsi MyWood-ID
 Hazlina Ali (far right) showing the MyWood-ID’s function to (from left) Dr Wan Tarmeze Wan Ariffin, FRIM Forestry and Environment Director Dr Ismail Parlan, Samsudin, Suhaimi, Dr Mohamad Nasir Mat Arip and Xavier. Xavier (left) and Abd Latif posing for a picture with the newly-planted kapur tree.



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