FRIM appoints new division directors
By Published On: June 30, 2021
New division directors

FRIM appoints new division directors

23 June 2021 (Wednesday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) announced the appointment of several new division directors following the retirement of several directors recently.

On 31 May, FRIM Director General (DG) Dr Ismail Parlan handed over the letter of appointment to Wan Zahiri Wan Yaacob as the new Director of Technical Services Division effective 1 June. Also present was FRIM Human Resources Director Mohd Asmawee Ismail. Wan Zahiri took over the position from Mahmudin Saleh who was previously the Director of technical services as well as the innovation and commercialisation divisions.

Khali Aziz (kiri) dan Gan menyampaikan ucapan.
Semasa penyampaian anugerah.
From left: Mohd Asmawee, Ismail and Wan Zahiri at the presentation of the appointment letter. From right: Gan handing task file to Mohd Rosli while Ismail looks on.

Dr Mohd Rosli Haron was appointed as the Research Planning Director replacing Dr Gan Kee Seng who retired on 27 May.

Dr Wan Mohd Shukri Wan Ahmad was appointed as the new Forestry and Environment Director since 30 April and Dr Ling Sui Kiong has been heading the Natural Products Division from 17 March. Wan Mohd Shukri took over the position held previously by Ismail while Ling replaced the retired Dr Nor Azah Mohamad Ali.

FRIM also announced the appointment of the following officers:

  • Dr Zunoliza Abdullah as Phytochemistry Programme Head;
  • Dr Mohamad Nasir Mat Arip, Policy and Research Planning Branch Head;
  • Nur Hajar Zamah Shari, Natural Forest Programme Head;
  • Zahari Othman, Information Technology Branch Head;
  • Dr Ang Lai Hoe, Forest Plantation Programme Head;
  • Suhana Rafidah Md Yusof, Quality Management Branch Head; and
  • Roshamida Ruslan, Facility Management Head.

Khali Aziz (kiri) dan Gan menyampaikan ucapan.
Semasa penyampaian anugerah.
Posters of Wan Mohd Shukri (top) and Ling’s appointment. FRIM’s new programme/branch heads (from left): Zunoliza, Mohamad Nasir, Nur Hajar, Zahari, Ang, Suhana Rafidah and Roshamida.