FRIM celebrates Hari Raya with BLP
By Published On: June 29, 2019

21 June 2019 (Friday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) and Forestry Training Division (BLP) of Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia (FDPM) have organised the ‘Program Gegar Vaganza Raya FRIM-BLP 2019’ at Dewan Alwy this morning.

Abd Latif (kiri) dan Yusuf menyampaikan ucapan masing-masing.
Abd Latif menyampaikan duit raya kepada kanak-kanak Tabika
Abd Latif (left) and Yusuf speaking at the ceremony.  Abd Latif presenting the ‘duit raya’ to children of Tabika FRIM, while Borhanudin (far right) looks on.

The first joint FRIM-BLP celebration both parties began with choir performances and speeches by FRIM Director General (DG) Dato’ Dr Abd Latif Mohmod as well as BLP Career and Training Development Section Head Yusuf Yahya.

FRIM DG also presented the job description (JD) revision manual to division directors as well as ‘duit raya’ to children of Tabika FRIM.

Samsudin, Yusuf, Abd Latif, Suhaimi, Borhanudin, Khali Aziz dan Nadzir hadir pada majis
Gambar berkumpulan warga FRIM dan BLP
 From left: Samsudin, Yusuf, Abd Latif, Suhaimi, Borhanudin, Khali Aziz and Nadzir at the ceremony. FRIM and BLP staff posing for a group pix.

Also present, Ministry of Water, Land and Natural Resources (KATS) Deputy Secretary General (Land and Natural Resources) Dato’ Suhaimi Mamat, FDPM DG Datuk Borhanudin Arshad, FRIM Deputy DG (Operations) Dr Khali Aziz Hamzah, FRIM Deputy DG (Research) Dr Samsudin Musa, FRIM Institute Member Datuk Nadzir Syeikh Fadzir, FRIM retirees as well as FRIM and BLP staff.

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