FRIM DG: do not enter prohibited areas
By Published On: March 14, 2019


4 March 2019 (Monday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) Director General Dato’ Dr Abd Latif Mohmod issued a reminder to all visitors to not enter FRIM’s prohibited areas such as research plantation plots, arboretum or natural trails without being accompanied by a FRIM nature guide to prevent any untoward incidents.

“FRIM has given warning to visitors and placed signage, but there are few who still ignore FRIM rules,” said Abd Latif.

Recently, there were two incidents of visitors going missing after entering prohibited areas. In the latest incident that occurred yesterday, six visitors reportedly lost their way after entering the forest area for recreation from 8.00am until they were found at 2.15pm. They were found by rescue teams formed by FRIM enforcement personnel, Selayang Fire and Rescue Station, Taman Ehsan Volunteer Fire Brigade and Taman Ehsan Police Station.

In an incident on 26 February, three visitors went missing in the FRIM forest area and were rescued by the FRIM enforcement personnel.

“FRIM has given warning to visitors and placed signage, but there are few who still ignore FRIM regulations.”

The groups who lost their way on 3 March (left) and 26 February.

“However, we are grateful for the majority of visitors and joggers who are cooperative and support FRIM’s efforts in conserving the campus,” Abd Latif said.

All FRIM nature trails have been closed to visitors without a guide from June 2016 to protect the safety of visitors and conserve the forest areas, which are designated for research. The decision was made after discovering many illegal routes opened and such encroachment had resulted in severe soil erosion.

The campus is located adjacent to the vast forest of Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve. A missing visitor may take several days to be rescued, like in the case which occurred in December 2010.

Newspaper cutting of the case of man went missing in December 2010. Signage placed at one of the nature trail entrance at FRIM.

Please respect FRIM’s rules. Engage FRIM’s nature guides for safety as well as for clearer and more accurate information and explanations on FRIM. For booking a guide or further enquiry, please email: frim_enquiry[at] or call 03-6279 7592/ 7648/ 7596.

To find out more about FRIM recreation regulations, please refer to the Visitors’ Guide in Malay and English at: