FRIM DG launches new Glulam Bridge

>>FRIM DG launches new Glulam Bridge

2 October 2018 (Tuesday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) Director General (DG) Dato’ Dr Abd Latif Mohmod launched the new Glulam (Glue-laminated) Bridge at the Arapaima Pond in conjunction with the FRIM 33rd Anniversary Special Assembly this morning.

Some of the staff attending the assembly. The Forest Products team posing for a group photograph with Abd Latif (middle).

The bridge, fully installed by 18 August, is the third curved bridge. The first Glulam Bridge built in 1965 was straight and it was later replaced with curved bridges in 1984 and 2006 respectively.

The bridge was built by the Forest Products team led by Director Dr Gan Kee Seng using heavy hardwoods such as balau and balau merah. Both the beams were constructed using different adhesives sponsored by Akzo Nobel Adhesives and Jowat Manufacturing (SEA) whilst Tong Sim Wood Industries sponsored the outdoor wood finishing. The performances of the wood, adhesives and the finishing materials will be monitored periodically.

Abd Latif (left) and Khali Aziz posing with the anniversary logo. Abd Latif launching the Glulam Bridge. From top: the first, second and third Glulam Bridge.

Abd Latif also launched the FRIM 33rd Anniversary celebration logo at the assembly. The butterfly, resembling number 33, symbolises FRIM which has undergone the complete metamorphosis cycle. Under the leadership of the DG, FRIM has gone through various challenges and transformation until the implementation of FRIM Act, which enables FRIM commercialise its research and development products. This is a special year as it is Abd Latif’s 10th year as the FRIM DG, and his 33rd year of his service in FRIM.

Also present at the event were Deputy DG (Operations) Dr Khali Aziz Hamzah, FRIM management officials and other staff.

FRIM 33rd Anniversary Celebration Logo.
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