FRIM DG launches the Occupational Safety and Health Policy
By Published On: February 11, 2022

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17 January 2022 (Monday) – The Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) Director General (DG), Dr Ismail Parlan launched the Institute’s Occupational Safety and Health Policy at the first FRIM Monthly Assembly this morning. This policy aims to ensure that safety and health aspects be implemented effectively and efficiently to create a safe and healthy work environment.

The policy launch was also attended by Occupational Safety and Health Committee (JKKP) Chairman Dr Zaihan Jalaludin and JKKP member Puad Elham.

Also present, Deputy DG (Operations) Dr Noor Azlin Yahya, Deputy DG (Research) Dr Norwati Muhammad, division directors and representatives.

In his speech, the DG recounted FRIM’s achievements and successes throughout 2021 and announced the appointment of Sarifah Kunju Ahmad as the new Director of the Technical Services Division.

“The challenges ahead are different from what we have ever experienced before. However, it is important for us to face them together with determination, courage and a spirit of unity between us. Hopefully, FRIM will continue to stay strong and progress well,” said Ismail.

FRIM staff also took the pledge of integrity led by Ariff Fahmi Abu Bakar, Head of the Joint Employees Council (MBJ) at the assembly.

Ismail speaking at the assembly. FRIM staff taking the pledge of integrity.
From left: Zaihan, Ismail and Puad during the policy launch. Sarifah appointed as the new Director of Technical Services Division.

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