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By Published On: February 28, 2022

28 February 2022 (Monday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) has organised ‘Project Evaluation and Monitoring (PEM) Seminar 2020-2021’ on 22-23 February to evaluate and monitor research projects as well as provide researchers with the opportunity to share their findings with fellow colleagues.

The seminar themed, ‘FRIM R&D: Addressing Future Challenges’, was organised by FRIM Research Planning Division and launched  by FRIM Director General Dr Ismail Parlan.

A total of 19 oral presentations, 18 montages and 34 posters were delivered during the seminar. Winners of the best presentations were as follows:

  • Best Poster Presentation
    • 2020 – Insecticidal Activity of Nanoencapsulated Rotenone to Powderpost Beetles led by Dr Shahlinney Lipeh
    • 2021 – Water for Life Project (Phase III): at Peat Swamp Forest, Ayer Hitam North Forest Reserve, Johor (Mohd Azahari Faidi)
  • Best Montage Presentation
    • 2020 – Economic Valuation of Permanent Reserved Forest (PRF) Services as Flood Control and Water Catchment for State of Kelantan (Mohd Parid Mamat)
    • 2021 – Development of Standardised Extract from Medicinal Plant (ABP016) based on Orang Asli Traditional Knowledge towards Production of Prototypes (Dr Nik Musa’adah Mustapha)
  • Best Oral Presentation Award
    • 2020 – Designing and Institutionalising an Ecotourism Program to Create Economic Incentives for Forest Conservation: An Inspiring Story from Local Communities in Kampung Janda Baik, Bentong, Pahang (Dr Huda Farhana Mohamad Muslim)
    • 2021 – Inventories of Selected Potential Medicinal Plants Based on Traditional Knowledge of Orang Asli in Forest Reserves (Intan Nurulhani Baharuddin)
  • Best Managed Projects
    • 2020 – Towards Conservation Strategy/Policy for Limestone Hills in Peninsular Malaysia: Understanding and Documenting Plant Biodiversity Focus on Kelantan Limestone Hills (Phase 1) (Rafidah Abdul Rahman)
    • 2021
      • – Research Grant Category

‘Penghasilan Jus Berkualiti dari Komuniti Paya Laut bagi Tujuan Pengkomersialan’ (Saidatul Husni Saidin)

  • – RMK-11 Development Grant Category

‘Dokumentasi dan Konservasi Biodiversiti demi Kesejahteraan Hutan dan Kemampanan Sumber Semulajadi (Fasa1)’ (Dr Richard Chung Cheng Kong)

Ismail speaking at the opening of the seminar. PEM Seminar held at Licuala Meeting Room.
Photos of the presentation and evaluation session. Photos of some of the award recipients.

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