FRIM gets two more MBR certs
By Published On: June 24, 2020

24 June 2020 (Wednesday) – Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) has presented two new MBR certificates for Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) to Director General Datuk Dr Abd Latif Mohmod yesterday.

The certificates for the new records, namely the ‘First to Establish Tongkat Ali Hairy Root Culture in the Bioreactor’ and ‘Most Number of Sub-Ethnic Orang Asli Traditional Knowledge (TK) Documented on Medicinal & Aromatic Plants’ were presented by MBR Director of Business, Jwan Heah Yeow Hooi.

Bergambar semasa penyampaian sijil MBR bagi ‘First to Establish Tongkat Ali Hairy Root Culture in the Bioreactor’.
Bergambar dengan sijil yang baharu diterima
From left: Norwati, Jwan Heah, Abd Latif and Nor Hasnida during the ‘First to Establish Tongkat Ali Hairy Root Culture in the Bioreactor’ MBR certificate presentation ceremony. From left: Norini, Abd Latif and Nor Azah (right) posing for a picture with the certificate.

Jwan Heah and three other MBR officials came to FRIM to present the certificates as well as conduct a live interview on Facebook with the FRIM DG.

FRIM was given special focus by MBR as the institute holds among the highest number of records in their database. FRIM attained a total of 42 MBR records to date, of which six were obtained by Abd Latif.

Pasukan MBR bergambar bersama Abd Latif (ketiga dari kanan).
The MBR team posing for a picture with Abd Latif (third from right), Toh and Nur Afniza.

Abd Latif said: “I believe MBR is a form of recognition that highlights FRIM’s significant achievements in forestry research, particularly achievements that support the country’s international commitments; whilst also reflecting FRIM’s contributions to the country”.

Also present to receive the certificates were Dr Norwati Muhammad, FRIM Forestry Biotechnology Director and Tissue Culture Laboratory Head Dr Nor Hasnida Hassan, Natural Products Director Dr Nor Azah Mohamad Ali, TK Project Coordinator, Dr Norini Harun, FRIM Corporate Communication Unit Head Toh An Nee and Information Officer Nur Afniza Mohammad Ghazali.