FRIM holds dialogue with furniture industry representatives
By Published On: July 18, 2018


16 July 2018 (Monday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) has organised a ‘Dialogue with Furniture Industry and Stakeholders’ on 11 July at the FRIM Auditorium, Kepong.

The dialogue, conducted by FRIM Product Certification Services (FRIM PCS), was launched by FRIM Director General (DG) Dato’ Dr Abd Latif Mohmod and attended by over 100 furniture industry representatives.

Abd Latif delivering his opening speech.

From left: Amim, Salamah and Hashim during their respective presentations.

The aim of the programme was to explain the FRIM PCS certification process for furniture products and the importance of complying with the specified requirements in empowering furniture entrepreneurs.

The topics of presentation at the dialogue were:

  • ‘Perspektif Masa Depan Industri Perabot Bumiputera’ by FRIM Incorporated Fellow Advisor Dato’ Seri Amim A. Wahab;
  • ‘Kewajipan Pensijilan Produk bagi Pembekalan Perabot Kerajaan’ (FRIM PCS Managing Director Datin Salamah Selamat); and
  • ‘Program Pemerkasaan Pengusaha Perabot Bumiputera’ (FRIM PCS Technical Team Leader Hashim W. Samsi).

The discussion session, chaired by FRIM Human Resources Division Director Basir Malan Ab. Rahman, included a panel comprising Salamah, Hashim, Amim andFurniture Industry Technology Center (FITEC) Furniture Design Development and Testing Department Head Hamdan Selaman. Also present, FRIM Deputy DG (Research) Dr Ismail Harun, FRIM Deputy DG (Operations) Dr Khali Aziz Hamzah and FRIM PCS Fellow Datuk Dr Rahim Sudin.

Panelists of the dialogue, (from left) Salamah, Hashim, Basir Malan, Amim and Hamdan.

Furniture entrepreneur Dato’ Dr. Zainul Azizan posting a question.

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