FRIM organises seminar on traditional knowledge
By Published On: July 16, 2018
seminar on traditional knowledge

FRIM organises seminar on traditional knowledge

9 July 2018 (Monday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) has organised a ‘Seminar Pemuliharaan & Pemerkasaan Pengetahuan Tradisi 2018’ at the FRIM campus, Kepong on 3 July.

The seminar themed, ‘A decade of sustaining traditional knowledge legacy’, aimed at sharing the current status of traditional knowledge project, experiences as well as opinions with other researchers, implementing agencies and the Orang Aslicommunity. This seminar was also held to promote the awareness to ensure the sharing of benefits in traditional knowledge applications.

The seminar was officiated by FRIM Deputy Director General (Research) Dr Ismail Harun who represented the Ministry of Water, Land and Natural Resources (KATS) Secretary General, Dato’ Sri Azizan Ahmad. He also launched FRIM’s latest publication entitled, ‘Legasi Waris Rimba’ which was produced in recognition of the involvement of all 18 Orang Aslisub-ethnic groups in various traditional knowledge conservation initiatives; and a product prototype ‘Ka-Herbs’ from Kensiu sub-ethnic community of Kampung Lubok Legong, Baling, Kedah.


 Nor Azah (left) and Ismail delivering their respective speeches.

Some of the seminar participants.

Ismail (second from right) and other invited guests during the product prototype launching ceremony.

Over 150 participants comprising researchers, academicians and policy makers as well as Orang Aslicommunity representatives attended the seminar.

FRIM Nature Products Division Director Dr Nor Azah Mohamad Ali presented a keynote address entitled, ‘Merekayasakan Ilmu Pengetahuan Tradisi ke Arah Memperkasa Sektor Bioekonomi Malaysia’. Among other interesting topics of presentation were:

  • ‘Pengenalan kepada Akta Akses kepada Sumber Biologi dan Perkongsian Faedah 2017 atau Akta ABS 2017 [Akta 795]’ by Siti Nurzaliana Mohd Safari from KATS;
  • Pengetahuan Tradisi sebagai Asas dalam Penerokaan Potensi Baru Tumbuhan Ubatan’ (Dr Fadzureena Jamaludin); and
  • ‘Dokumentasi kepada Inventori: Satu Usaha ke Arah Penyediaan Bahan Tanaman untuk Komersialisasi’ (Intan Nurulhani Baharuddin).

Also present, Department of Orang Asli Development (JAKOA) Research Planning Division Director Raja Sharul Iezwan Raja Mohd Zein, JAKOA Socio Economic Development Division Director Bakar Unus, Perak JAKOA Director Harulnizam Abdul Rahman, and Kampung Lubok Legong Tok Batin Razali Kulim.

Ismail lauching the book while Nor Azah looks on.

From left: Siti Nurzaliana, Fadzureena and Intan Nurulhani during their respective presentations.

 Ismail (middle) visiting FRIM exhibition booth.

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