FRIM organises special talk for DG
By Published On: July 30, 2020


30 July 2020 (Thursday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) organised a Special Talk Programme for FRIM Director General (DG) Datuk Dr Abd Latif Mohmod, entitled ‘Latif: His Life, His Story’ at the FRIM Auditorium on 27 July.

This programme aimed to give FRIM staff a chance to hear the life story and views of Abd Latif on current issues and future challenges of FRIM including actions and steps required to maintain and ensure the sustainability of FRIM and its good work. It was also to provide FRIM staff the opportunity to ask any questions and give their comments to the FRIM DG.

Abd Latif (left) sharing his life experiences while Mohammad Shahfiz looks on. Participants at Licuala Room (top) and ‘FRIM Wall of Fame’ foyer watching the talk via live stream.

The programme, chaired by Zoology Branch Head Mohammad Shahfiz Azman, was also attended by about 300 participants including Deputy DG (Research) Dato’ Dr Marzalina Mansor, division directors and FRIM staff.

Abd Latif shared stories about his family background, his childhood experiences, events and individuals such as Tan Sri Dr Salleh Mohd Nor, Prof. Walter Liese and Tan Sri Samsudin Osman who have greatly influenced his thinking as well as handling of challenges.

He called on FRIM staff not to be complacent; to always adhere to procedures and carry out all responsibilities transparently and diligently to ensure excellence as well as be daring to speak out and defend FRIM’s role to ensure it remains relevant.

Abd Latif reminded FRIM staff that all his actions, although seemingly harsh and may have caused dissatisfaction, were done because he cares for FRIM.

Photograph of Abd Latif (middle, front) and attendees at the auditorium. Abd Latif waving goodbye to FRIM staff at the end of the programme.

He also took the opportunity to express gratitude to those who have been supportive throughout his years as the DG.

“The time to step down is getting closer – now, counting the days. Take everything as a challenge and a guideline. The truth is that the right belongs to Him who must be obeyed for the rest of our lives, especially when we are still in service,” he added.