FRIM sets up Dipterocarp Garden at Setiu research station
By Published On: October 29, 2018
FRIM sets up Dipterocarp Garden at Setiu


24 October 2018 (Wednesday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) has established a Dipterocarp Garden at the FRIM Research Station (SPF) in Setiu, Terengganu by planting 330 Dipterocarpaceae trees of 33 species together with local residents yesterday.

FRIM Director General (DG) Dato’ Dr Abd Latif Mohmod officiated the programme by planting a keruing neram (Dipterocarpus oblongifolius) tree to commemorate the special occasion. The activity involved more than 100 participants comprising FRIM staff and local community representatives such as schools, institutions of higher learning, villages and state government bodies.

Abd Latif (kiri) dan Marzalina menyampaikan ucapan masing-masing.
Dari kiri: Zaidey, Sakri, Abd Latif, Marzalina, Norhayati dan Fadzureena menunjukkan produk GOUTREE.
Abd Latif (left) and Marzalina delivering their respective speeches.  From left: Zaidey, Sakri, Abd Latif, Marzalina, Norhayati and Fadzureena showing the GOUTREE products.

This activity was part of the Dipterocarp Garden Establishment, Nature Awareness and Social Responsibility Programme jointly organised by FRIM forestry biotechnology, innovation and commercialisation divisions as well as Corporate Communication Unit in conjunction with FRIM’s 33rdAnniversary Celebration.

“The names of some tree species planted today are synonymous with the names of places in Malaysia. Among them are the chengal (Kampung Lot Gong Cengal, Terengganu), keruing neram (Felda Neram, Terengganu), keladan (Kampung Paya Keladan, Pahang) and meranti batu / meranti rambai daun (Meranti, Kelantan),” said Abd Latif.

According to him, such programme was held to highlight the importance of forest conservation as well as to install awareness on the existence of plant names that are synonymous with places among the public.

Abd Latif also officiated the soft launch of ‘GOUTREE’ anti-gout products prototype made from cucur atap (Baeckea frutescens). The results from FRIM’s study indicate the extract of this species is effective in inhibiting the production of uric acid that causes gout. Cucur atap is a plant species commonly found in the east coast area, especially in sandy areas.

SPF Setiu Coordinator Mohamad Fakhri Ishak provided a general briefing on the background and research and development (R&D) activities conducted at the SPF; while FRIM Biological Resources Programme Head Dr Fadzureena Jamaludin gave presentation on the newly launched products.

The 53.27ha research station was established in 1996 on the state-owned land leased by the Terengganu state government to FRIM for 60 years. FRIM focuses on conducting R&D on the conservation and management of BRIS (Beach Ridges Intersperse with Swales), which has low nutrient content and water holding capacity. FRIM also conducts research to identify suitable species suitable for BRIS soil.

Sebahagian daripada peserta bergambar dengan Abd Latif (tengah) semasa aktiviti penanaman pokok di Taman Dipterokarpa.
Fadzureena menerangkan latar belakang dan kebaikan produk GOUTREE.
 Some of the participants posing for a picture with Abd Latif (middle) during the tree planting activity at the Dipterocarp Garden. Fadzureena giving a briefing on the background and benefits of the GOUTREE products.

The green landscape of SPF Setiu shows FRIM’s successful efforts in greening the area. The area now has various plant species such as merawan siput jantan, balau pasir, meranti temak nipis, Acacia and Khaya which were planted using various techniques.

Also present, University College Bestari Vice Chancellor Prof. Madya Dr Sakri Ibrahim, Terengganu Forestry Department Assistant Director (Silviculture and Forest Conservation) Zaidey Abdul Kadir, FRIM Forestry Biotechnology Director Dato’ Dr Marzalina Mansor, Innovation and Commercialisation Director Norhayati Nordin as well as Forest Plantation Programme Head Dr Wan Rasidah A Kadir.