FRIM to go all out for UNESCO status
By Published On: November 15, 2018

12 November 2018 (Monday) – Encouraged by the recent budget announcement and government support, Forest Research Institute Malaya (FRIM) is stepping up efforts in its pursuit of the UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) status.

“The budget reflects the government’s seriousness in conserving the country’s forests and its support for FRIM’s effort to attain the UNESCO WHS status by 2020. I have initiated this effort since 2008 and set up a strong team to work towards this, with the support of the Selangor Government and the Natural Heritage Department. With continued strong backing, I am confident we will be successful,” said Dato’ Dr Abd Latif Mohmod, FRIM Director General today.

He said FRIM is preparing the documentations required for the submission of a comprehensive dossier for UNESCO WHS by next year, following which there will be a site visit held by an evaluation mission from the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). FRIM is also drafting its management plan for the long-term sustainability and conservation of its green campus as well as the community.

FRIM was successfully gazetted as a Natural Heritage Site in 2009, declared a National Heritage in 2012 and began implementing its UNESCO WHS Project in 2013. 

 ‘Crown shyness’ is among the main attractions at FRIM.  An amazing scene of the FRIM forest one morning.

Abd Latif said as part of this effort, FRIM will co-organise ‘Persidangan Tapak Warisan Negeri Selangor 2018’ on 14-15 November’ with the Selangor Department of Town and Country Planning and the National Heritage Department. The aim of the conference, to be held in Shah Alam, Selangor, is to share scientific findings related to the outstanding universal values for FRIM and Gombak Selangor Quartz Ridge.

FRIM, the Gombak Selangor Quartz Ridge and the Royal Belum State Park, Perak have been included in the nomination list for UNESCO WHS in 2017.

Abd Latif confident of achieving the aspiration.

The nomination of FRIM for the UNESCO Heritage status is made under the “Cultural” criteria based on its importance as:

  1. The biggest and oldest man-made tropical forest in the world;
  2. A world model for forest regeneration and reference for tropical forest conservation;
  3. A unique ecosystem storing diverse tropical flora species;
  4. The largest centre for the collection of dipterocarp germplasm; and
  5. A leading centre for tropical forest research.

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