FRIM-TRAXXfm co-organise the Ecobuzz Programme
By Published On: July 5, 2019
Ecobuzz Programme

FRIM-TRAXXfm co-organise the Ecobuzz Programme

5 July 2019 (Friday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) and TRAXXfm (RTM) co-organised the an Ecobuzz Programme yesterday to raise the awareness amongst students on the importance of conserving our natural heritage.

The TRAXXfm-FRIM programme, held at the Sungai Kroh Picnic Area, was participated by 50 students from SMK Section 10 Kota Damansara. The school’s ‘Rhythm of Eco’ group was also invited to perform at the event.

Abd Latif (kiri) dan Fairuz menyampaikan ucapan
Gambar selepas upacara penanaman pokok.
Abd Latif (left) and Fairuz delivering their respective speeches. Picture taken after the tree planting ceremony.


In his speech, FRIM Director General (DG) Dato’ Dr Abd Latif Mohmod expressed his appreciation to TRAXXfm for giving FRIM scientists the opportunity to share their research and development (R&D) findings with the public through the TRAXX Momentum: Science and Tech programme earlier this year.

Also present, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) Radio Programme Deputy Director Mohamed Ayub Syed Mohamed, TRAXXfm Station Manager Fairuz Mohd Radzi, FRIM Administration Director Liza Ismail and FRIM Corporate Communication Head Toh An Nee.

DJ TRAXXfm, Nur Diyana Hashim (kiri) mengadakan wawancara dengan Abd Latif
Jurupandu VIC, Farhan Halili memberi taklimat kepada para pelajar mengenai aktiviti ‘Forest Running Man’
TRAXXfm DJ Nur Diyana Hashim (left) conducting an interview with Abd Latif (middle) and Mohamed Ayub (right).  VIC nature guide Farhan Halili briefing the students on ‘Forest Running Man’ activity.

Mohamed Ayub and Fairuz planted a giam lintah bukit tree(Hopea helferi) to commemorate this special occasion. Following that, all participants joined the Zumba exercise led by ‘Coach Syahmi’, after which they took part in the ‘Forest Running Man’ activity conducted by Visitor Information Centre (VIC).

In conjunction with this programme, TRAXXfm also conducted several interviews with the FRIM DG on the Institute’s R&D as well as its efforts in forest conservation.